How to use our APIs

Rest API allows users to integrate their sensor data into 3rd party applications. API calls can be made from programming language of your choice. Responses are served as either XML(Extensible Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Overuse could result in revocation of API portal.

Overuse Example: making the same call more often than the data is updated (Datamessage Methods: 1 request per 10 minutes). Please utilize the webhook for real time Datamessages.

*All Dates are in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) both for the input and for the output.
*To request a larger data load, Please contact support


APIs use authorization to ensure that client requests access data securely. The APIKeyID and the APISecretKey both need to be included as headers in the posted request.

Click Api Keys to get your API keys.


Our parameters will need to be passed in the request as Param entries. The Parameter name will be set as the Key and the parameter value will be set as the Value.

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